Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hard 8 BBQ- Coppell, TX

This was written right when I returned from lunch with a group of coworkers. We went to Hard 8 B-B-Q in Coppell off Freeport and Bethel School Rd. It was good but a bit more expensive than I prefer to pay for lunch. You order your food by the pound and then are the sides are a la carte. I got a couple of K-Bobs – sirloin, bell pepper and onions with some sort or rub on it – it was all very good and did not disappoint. I also got an ear of grilled corn, which was quite dry, and a cup of potato salad. It was good but not cheap- it cost me $15 dollars. I mean I don’t have a problem paying that much for dinner or if I am with my wife, but to pay that much for lunch is a little ridiculous. But over all it was delicious and savory. I finished it all- well, I take that back. I finished everything but half of the ear of corn – it was just too dry.

The place is a cool place though. As soon as you drive up you can smell the smoker. When you walk up, the lines to the open pit smoker are outside. Well, I think they roll up the plastic windows kinda like one of those folding glass walls, which gave it an authentic BBQ feel. So you walk up to the 4’ x 8’ pit smoker and they have all the meats displayed for you choosing. They have rib eyes, shish-k-bobs, veggies, pork, brisket– of the sliced and chopped kind- smoked potatoes, sausages, whole and half chickens and too many other things to list. We had a group of about 11 and the tables are long picnic tables with stools secured to the ground, which make it hard to add more people to the table, so we had to split the group. We ended up sitting outside because we got there around 12:35 and the early-bird lunchers were still there. Even though it was hot outside, they had plenty of large industrial fans going so it wasn’t too bad, though I did have to keep an eye on my napkins so they would not fly away. Over all a good experience. Someone who's not that big of a BBQ fan may actually like it though because they have other things than just meat (grilled veggies) and most of the food is not already drenched in BBQ sauce (you put your own on) and of course there are desserts like good ol' cobbler and ice cream. Real good down home cooking!


Overall Rating = 7 of 10
Food quality = 7 my medium shish-k-bobs was more on the well side
Atmosphere = 7 (reminds me of an expensive Dickey’s)
Service = N/A (had to get everything yourself)
Price = $$-$$$

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